​​​​​Fully Online 
Ma'rifah Academy, LLC allows students to access their courses from the comfort of their own home or anywhere with Internet access. Students can choose to do their classes at a time that is most convenient for them. 

Because the courses are blended, students will experience a flexibility that the traditional, structured classroom cannot offer. Traditional schooling often requires students to move at a pace dictated by the teacher. Our program allows students to learn at a pace that is comfortable for them. By removing the physical limitations of a classroom, students can move as quickly as they want or take the extra time that they need. Our goal for students is mastery. Therefore, students will not be able to skip content or fast forward through lessons. However, as mastery is achieved, students can move ahead through the courses without limitations. 

In addition to their online coursework, students will be required to complete offline work on campus, which may include project-based assignments, experiments, and research assignments. All offline work must be submitted to their teacher digitally as outlined in the assignment details. 

   Sample 3rd Grade Math Lesson                   Sample High School Algebra 1 Lesson

Ma'rifah Academy is perfect for:


Home-bound learners

International Students

Hifdh students or those with varying schedules

Technical Requirements

  • Internet access
  • A headset/microphone in order to participate in the live, virtual classes
  • Ability to save and upload assignments for grading (i.e. MS Word, scanner, fax, email)

Materials and Resources

All course materials are completely online. However, there will be projects or assignments which may require additional materials (i.e. reading books, poster boards, markers, or other project-based materials) and must be completed on campus.

Student Expectations

Daily Responsibilities

  • Strive to complete an equivalent of 4.5 hours of learning per day (for a total of 22.5 hours per week) in order to maintain adequate progress. How these hours are achieved is up to the student.
  • Check and respond to any unread mail from the teacher
  • Read all notifications and announcements from the program
  • Check discussion groups for student and teacher postings
  • Have a notebook, or digital record-keeping tool for taking notes and keeping track of assignments
  • Efficiently manage time to finish assignments and assessments
  • Maintain consistent access to the Internet
  • Contact your teacher through the learning platform with any questions you have about the coursework, being as specific as possible to the unit, lesson and question in order to assure a swift resolution
  • Protect learner account by not sharing username and password and logging off the system when finished
  • Maintain honesty, proper online etiquette, and manners as young Muslims

Weekly Responsibilities

  • Respond to instructor feedback on assignments and assessments
  • Check grades in the gradebook to monitor success
  • Attend weekly check-in meetings with the teacher at an agreed upon time
  • Create and meet a goal for coursework completion

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

Program Outline