Our Educational Philosophy


The educational philosophy of Ma’rifah Academy is an extension of our Mission Statement.

We believe that the foundation of education is the Qur’aan and Sunnah. We believe that the primary responsibility for education and character development lies with the parents and, in partnership; we strive to impress Allaah’s commandments and values upon children’s hearts. 

Our Educational Facilitators and staff are the embodiment of our program’s beliefs and values. They are spiritually mature, well-qualified people who focus on academic excellence. They seek to enhance the development of each student spiritually, intellectually, socially and physically. Our Educational Facilitators live their lives as full-time role models to students and their families. 

We believe that students should be at the center of their educational experience. Therefore, we support all students individually and provide opportunities for them to reach their full potential through remedial and enrichment programs and activities. We help prepare students for higher learning and to have a global impact.

Our Mission


We strive to promote a lifelong love of learning and help every student to take an active role in their education. We meet students where they are academically and work diligently to help them reach their full potential. We believe that every child is unique and capable of learning when provided with the proper guidance, support, and resources to cultivate that learning.

Our purpose


Ma’rifah Academy provides specialized, level-based, academic support in individualized and small group formats. We work with students to ensure proper and effective pacing of lessons, according to their individual needs. Our goal is to aid students in achieving mastery of educational concepts to a high academic standard in a safe, Islaamic environment, adhering to Qur’aan and Sunnah.  

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم