At Ma'rifah Academy, we strive to keep tuition affordable for the families we serve. In an effort to continue to keep our prices low, we humbly accept donations in the form of materials, resources, and monetary assistance. If you would like to sponsor a student or donate funds to our program, please feel free to do so by clicking the link below.

The following list of supplies are the consumable items that we use and replenish regularly. If you would like to donate any of the listed supplies, please contact us here.

Copy paper

Notebook paper

Composition notebooks

Spiral notebooks

​Printer ink (

Writing supplies (Ticonderoga pencils, ink pens, erasers, whiteboard markers, etc.)

Arts/crafts supplies (i.e. crayons, glue, construction paper, etc.)

Toilet paper

Paper towels

Hand soap

Hand sanitizer

May Allaah ta a'la reward you for your assistance and make it heavy on your scale of good deeds. Truly the education of our youth is a communal and collective effort. BaarakAllaahu

Feekum! May Allaah bless you!


بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم